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Hi everyone!

Welcome to my page! So you’re interested to know more about me, huh?

Ok, first of all, you guys might be wondering, who is Liyana Mardiana and who is Lilianna Mardiana. Well, I get that a lot lately. Actually, my birth name aka my real name is Liyana Mardiana, but I am well known by my Blogger and Facebook name, which is Lilianna Mardiana. But most of the time, I prefer people calling me Yana instead, cause it’s short and much easier to remember, right?

And yeah, I am 22 years old this year, some of you might think that I look older than that, but no, I am not, please stop hurting me with your comments telling me that I look older than my age. Cause if you know me in person, you will be telling me that I look way too young for my age, so yeah, I am not sure why people are making such a different impression on my look and age these days, hahaha. But I guess photos and makeups does age a person, huh? :P

So basically, I started blogging occasionally 2 years ago using Blogger as my platform. I’ve started this self-hosted blog only few weeks back, and I wanted to use my old URL which is dangobunny, because that is the URL that you won’t find anywhere else. Come on, trry googling it, I am the only person who use dangobunny because I created that word from my two favorite thing. A Japanese song called ‘Dango Daikozoku’ and my favorite film ‘The House Bunny’. So I came up with the word dangobunny by combining the two, haha.

So basically my life revolves around my experiences and life journey as a 2nd year law student in Multimedia University. Yes, I am a future lawyer, if you wish to call me that way, haha, but being a lawyer is not my ultimate goal. Let me tell you a secret, haha, my ultimate goal in life, is to become a judge or a magistrate one day, haha, ok, I know, I’m dreaming too much right now, but you’ll see! Gotta work hard for several more years for that ultimate goal to be reach. :)

About myself, well,I’m not good at describing my own self. But generally, I am a super-sensitive person. I cried easily, I can watched a sad Hari Raya drama and cried like there’s no tomorow, trust me, I am that sensitive and yeah, I am cried baby. :P And oh, I am a rather quite person whenever I’m a around strangers, but once you know me, you’ll be begging for me to shut up, haha.

And yeah, note to youself: I love to crack stupid jokes. It’s in my blood I guess, haha, coz my mum love to crack stupid jokes as well. So be a sport, and laugh a little whenever you saw any stupid jokes which I have made in my entries, will ya? (LOL, so pathetic)


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  • n

    salam…hai..first time jenguk blog u..ur face remind me bout hana tajima..u look alike her..if u wear hijab like her,mybe br same kot..hihi…tp kdg2 tgk mcm korean artis pulak..i like ur natural beauty..nice

  • lawanye ! super suker giler tengok u !


  • farid

    halu.awesome blog..xleh nk keep track..ur 22 this year 2011?mmu melaka la rite?awesome blog!hehe..feel free to read my lame-o blog..it really can help u if u got insomnia ,just like our law textbooks and journals :P

  • u are soooooo beautifull ! :)


  • hohoho


    nk betulkn ckit boleh..hehe..well, a lawyer is someone who practicing law while the judge is someone who sit on the bench. i get the point that lawyer and judge is two different field which is the private and the government but to put it in words, i would describe as above.and if u’re interested in becoming a judge, then apply for SAR or PKP. as far as i know, the above named position can be apply through kehakiman or judiciary in AG.

    best of luck and hope to see u in the chambers one day.oh btw, i’m a former practitioner and now a prosecution officer.

  • so sweet.. what is your contact? fb? can i have it? want to friend with you~ ;)


  • mai

    sis yana nmpk muda la…:)


  • Wan

    @Liyana: haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ada fb tak?email me pls

  • I enjoy reading your post because
    i like doing makeup though i am
    not pleasant looking hehe


  • neera

    sebaya ngn i , tp u look so gojes . hehhe . tapayah pedulik pasl ur age n muke u . u bukan nampak tua tp matang :p

  • nice mardiana.

  • @Lilianna Mardiana:

    Haha yes baru je habis my A-level insyaallah bulan 9 ni akan start degree di Bristol. Btw u nak jadu judge kan? Nowadays they have system where u dont have to enroll in civil servant to become one. Just practise privately for like 10-20 years and if you happen to be a good lawyer, they will appoint you straight as high court judge. Brilliant stuff. So, keep up the good work!


  • Nana Bieha

    Hye kak lilianna mardiana :D page sis cantik laa . to be frank , saye 4teen . saya nak tanya sikit boleh tak ? mcm mana nak bwat kotak yg ade tulis SKEMA ITU HOT pastu pastu ade gmbr ? mcm mana ? :’(

  • hey..so nice..love ur post.
    btw where were u in malacca??
    hope to meet u someday..:)

    stay cute n smile always okay…

  • wahai yg empuyer blog yg baek hati,bolehkah saya membuat segmen terjah bloger di blog saya?
    saya senang sekali melihat roman wajah anda..sgt ceria nmpk matang dari usianya…

    sekian terima kasih…

  • sister! u’re so damn pretty…subhanallah…

    bersihnya kulit u dear…cantik+bijak = its a package!

    i follow :D

  • Hi Lilianan, I am writing about beautiful bloggers in Malaysia recently, I have choosen you as my first http://followtrends.blogspot.com/2011/10/blogger-cantik-malaysia-skema-itu-hot.html

    Hope you don’t mind me putting some of your beautiful pics in the post. Thank you


  • Nara

    sis yana ,
    future lawyer :D
    thats why u can speak english very well


  • ika

    kakak ni cantik laaa…
    macam mana nk jadi cantik mcam akk??
    akk ajar ika make up..
    malu laa muka pucat jee…


  • hafifah alia

    cun la akak ni..BI pon teror..choiyok!!!!!!!!


  • ct

    hi yana..i need u for my make up advisor..
    saya bertubuh besar,berumur 26 thn,mom of 4.
    saya berkulit cerah seperti yana,saya ada satu majlis yg akan saya hadiri dgn mengenakan jubah purple..
    so warna apakah yg saya harus pakai untuk mata,blush,lipstik n i x tau lgsung cara nak pakai makeup dari mula..i really2 need u..

  • salam kenal adik yana..


  • alek

    awak duduk kat ne.


  • faizal karl tahir

    nice page & keep it up..

  • cun..ada iras neelopa ni:)


  • Nadia

    Congratulation and u deserve a big pat on your back for being bold and brave with the decision to cover up. I bet it’s not easy for someone as attractive and beautiful as you to keep all of that for yourself and maybe for the one who deserves it someday :) tahniah ye.


  • prince

    ….feel like to chat u more often infuture n get to know u .. n closer….n closer….


  • Hi yana…
    Nak share2 link ngan Yana boleh??
    Nice t know u darling…=)


  • Faizan

    Are you still single…i’m also still single…hmmmm


  • iqah

    salam, sis… sorry for disturbing u,,, but im wanna to ask u, since when did u start wearing tudung,,, it look nice on u, seriously, sorry coz asking u this type of ques, but im ur silent reader, and act. bcoz of busy with my life so it kinda lama jgak la, i didnt read ur blog …hee,, btw… ur beautiful like always :)


  • kak ina

    akak nak tanya sikit mcmana pakai swal dgn begitu kemas. Akakpn pakai jugak swal mcm yana tapi x sekemas yana. Dah puas akak cuba. Bole x yana demokan cara2 yana pakai tudung. Berguna ilmu utk semua. TQ akak tunggu ya

  • natural beauty..i like

  • natural beauty..i like ur smile


  • Khairul Anuar

    My wife mesti suke blog nie…

    Yana, I’m just wondering whether you would like to have an iphone/android app for your blog? If you do contact me and we can discuss further.



  • anna

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  • Assalam cik Yana. saya budakkampung. Firstly saya nak ucap terima kasih sebab sudi letak link blog saya di laman utama blog awak. Kedualy, saya nak beritahu yang saya ada buat blog kedua. So kalau boleh minta awak tolong letak link blog kedua saya ni hihi. Tapi saya tak letak link blog awak di blog saya. Awak akan marah ke?


  • m

    Kaklong, blog kaklong slow la nak load. Rasa berkurun lamanya.. dekat seminit gitu..

    Kita dah check dah kat webpagetest[dot]com dan ni result dia:


    Rasanya js ngan css tu boleh edit lagi. Tengok2kan eh kaklong? Tak le kita ni menanti..



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