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Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Tagged oleh Inn, maaf yew agak lambat menyiapkannyer.. Hehehe

1) poskan gambar 4 orang yg anda rasa mukanya photogenik
2) perkenalkan mereka / link dan kenapa korg rasa mereka photogenik

1. Raihan

This girl is the queen of photogenic. I think she’s born with it. Hehehe, serius la wehh, kalau dia pose slumber2 dpn webby dia, pic An memang cute cute ok. Untung giler kalau muka baby face nie. This pic is from her facebook,hahaha, don’t tell her that I kidnap this pic. LOL, stupid jokes, obviously she’s my besties and she is really close to me. And sebelah Raihan, is her sweet beautiful younger sister. She’s a big fan of spongebob, isn’t it great! :D

2. Ieeko

This is Ieeko, my besties. She is soo photogenic, dia kalau buat memek muka mcmana pun, she still look sweet. Maybe it’s because she is sweet and nice inside. Not only she look photogenic, but she’s a great photographer too. We shared lots of laughed and cries together when it comes to man,LOL. I always adored her because she look soft and sweet from the outside, but gosh, she rock ok, I mean, I pun tak layan music Muse and Real Madrid like this girl. Hehehe.. ;)


If there’s word I could describe about my bff, Syuhada is flawless! Dia tak payah nk edit any of her pictures whether lightning or anything, she look great in every single pictures. She is pretty, tall, thin and intelligent. She is like my 2nd kembar, right after Ieeko. Hehehe…We only knew each other like a 2 weeks, but until now, we are still keeping in touch. I’m older than her, but Syuhada takes care of me just like her little sister, she is protective and a very caring person. :)

4. Fatin

This girl over here is Fatin, and she is my ex housemate. I think she is very photogenic, don’t you think so? I mean all of her pictures in Myspace was just stunning! This is an old picture of her. I really like her picture with my friend, Ayu. Both of them look so cute together.

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-Sis Yana



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Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

1. take a recent photo of urself OR take a picture of urself RIGHT NOW.
2. DON’T change your cloth. DONT fix your hair, just take a picture.
3. Post that picture with NO editing.
4. Post this instruction with your picture.
5. Tag 10 people to do this.

haha, sowie coz pic nie aku ngan hubby, nie je la pic br yg lom edit, hehe.. ;p

tag Raihan la, of course! ;)

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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

1)poskan gambar 5 orang yg anda rasa mukanya photogenik
2) perkenalkan mereka / link dan kenapa korg rasa mereka photogenik

nie my hubby, yup2, bg aku die la paling photogenik,
baby boy aku nie mmh suka pose, slalunyer aku yg xnk amek pic
cz rmbut serabai la ape la, haha..

I ♥ U, hubby.. ;)

p/s: Hubby kite xde blog..:)

nie kwn baik ku, pal..
haaa, dia mmg photogenik, pic dia sume style2 la..
pose dia, kalah la pose I..
YOU GO PAL! Work it! ;)

p/s: No blog lorh..

nie my adik angkat, Den..
aku rase die mmg photogenik, even picture die pon smua fabulous!
dia mmg talentd kalo bab2 amek gmbr nie,
student lg, but mmg besh giler, suka tgk pic dia amek
dgn celeb2 smua..

nie link dia kt

yes, nie my bestie, ieeko..
mmg photogenik and mmg pndai amek angle gmbr,
pic die smuanyer lawa2 ok..
nie one of my fave! :D
i nk sgt nnti dia amek kn pic i ngan my hubby nnti, haahhaha..
leh kn,babe ;)

link dia kt

Last but definitely not the least (i love this girl talent sooo much!!!)

not only she’s photogenic, but she’s good at taking picture, editting,
making her own novel and poster, and yes, she even great on drawing..
all I can said, she’s is ARTSY BABE, hehhe..

nie link Raihan

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